Thu. May 30th, 2024

The U.S. Office of Textiles and Apparel (OTEXA) reported that the nation’s imports of textiles and apparel during January-September 2017 increased by 2.74% in volume year-on-year to 48,506.77 million square meter equivalent (SME). The import value for the first nine months of this decreased by 0.17% to US$79,816.69 million.

Imports of apparel rose by 1.06% to 20,614.91 million SME, while the value declined by 1.39% to US$60,756.27 million. Imports of textile grew by 4.03% and 3.96% respectively to 27,891.86 million SME worth US$19,060.42 million.

Textile and apparel imports from China increased by 5.09% quantitatively to 23,431.22 million SME, but the value decreased by 1.36% to US$29,009.43 million. Apparel imports from China amounted to 8,602.06 million SME (up 2.47%) worth US$20,417.96 million (down 3.90%). Textile imports totaled 14,829.15 million SME (up 6.67%) valued at US$8,591.47 million (up 5.25%).

By daisen