Thu. May 30th, 2024

The DyStar Group is introducing Cadira Denim as the sixth concept of their new Resource Efficiency Program.

The Cadira concepts considerably reduce water, waste and energy consumption. Cadira will help brands, retailers and their production partners to save valuable resources, to reduce the carbon footprint of their textile goods and to increase productivity by improving the utilization of machinery. As the first concept of the Cadira Module, Cadira Reactive was launched at Interdye Shanghai in April 2016, followed by Cadira Polyester, Cadira VAT, Cadira Recycled Polyester and Cadira Wool.

The sixth program is Cadira Denim, which combines the most eco-awarded indigo in the world, DyStar Indigo Vat 40% Solution with the ecologically advanced reducing agent Sera Con C-RDA. This combination allows salt-free dyeing with strong effluent load reduction.

  • Sulfates can be reduced up to 95% compared to dyeing with indigo powder in combination with the conventional reducing agent sodium dithionite (hydrosulfite).
  • COD will decrease up to 80% compared to dyeing with indigo powder and hydrosulfite.
  • Total solids can be reduced up to 90% compared with indigo powder and hydrosulfite.

Cadira Denim additionally reduces substantial waste quantities from the ETP (effluent treatment plants) because no additional salt is created.

DyStar will soon provide additional concepts for higher resource efficiency and productivity in textile production.

By daisen