Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

The Santex Rimar Group disclosed that the Benetton Group is carrying out the second market test of B-Wool, a project realized under the European Eco-Innovation Programme to implement innovative water and chemical-free industrially applied technology for anti-shrinkage wool.

More than 30 shops in Europe including Austria, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Hungary and Russia are selling sweaters treated with PlaNa, a new Santex Rimar textile technology using plasma energy. The machinery can reduce the use of chemicals and pollutants in yarn and fabric dyeing, as well as producing superior quality fabrics, easier to wash and with anti-shrinkage properties.

Based on a patented innovative technological platform, PlaNa defines a new environment-friendly green industrial process. The cold atmospheric plasma treatment gives the fibers high-performance characteristics with lower industrial costs.

By daisen