Loepfe Launches New Website and Social Media Channels

Loepfe Brothers Ltd. has launched a brand new website www.loepfe.com.

The modern design of the website puts an emphasis on easy-to-use navigation, which can be done either by menu or via the optional search field. The three divisions of product portfolio – spinning, laboratory and weaving – are represented in the new website design.

Visitors to the website can very easily find solutions they are looking for and much more. Additional information, new ideas and in-depth knowledge about quality control in textile production complete the contents of the new website.

Loepfe experts share their know-how and application knowledge in a separate area of the website, which will be extended continuously. Therefore, product benefits and their potential applications are communicated. In addition, visitors will learn much more about solutions and receive additional information on textile processes.

Together with the launch of the new website, Loepfe has changed its general communication strategy. Experts at Loepfe will regularly share their knowledge with the community. Social media platforms such as Xing, LinkedIn and WeChat will be main channels for future communication, which will enable a real dialogue between Loepfe experts and members of the textile community.

Silvano Auciello, Head of Sales and Marketing at Loepfe, comments, “We are very enthusiastic about our new communication, and are looking forward to new possibilities and exchange ideas with customers, sales agents, the media and people interested in our technology.”