Wed. Feb 28th, 2024

           Visitors to ISPO Munich have an opportunity to experience BeHOT, a new product partnership and synergy between Sitip and Roica premium stretch, introducing a truly unique heat generating technology innovation that comes from stretch.

Sitip is a leading Italian textile company specialized in high-tech and function-rich innovations for sport, technical underwear, shapewear, beachwear, footwear components, protective helmets, and in particular Velcro-receptive fabrics for mechanical fastening systems and a number of innovative technical fabrics for other industrial end-uses, all made through key manufacture technologies that include weft and warp knit fabric innovations.

Sitip has more recently launched 16 unique trade brands, each one specialized in highly advanced innovation solutions designed to fit both the market and discerning needs of contemporary consumers.

In booth C3 310-5 at ISPO Munich, Sitip is introducing BeHOT, a Sitip Heat Generating Technology for fabrics that has been licensed from the unique Roica StretchEnergy System by Asahi Kasei, and is already adopted by Santini that has been offering premium Italian-made cycle wear since 1965.

Santini is offering to the market a multi-panel thermal bib tight for the coldest winter training. Made with the special BeHot fabric by Sitip, constructed with Roice StretchEnergy active performance material, it not only insulates, but generates up to 2 degrees of heat as you work out, as certified by CeRism, Outdoor Sport Research Centre at Verona University. Complete comfort and protection thanks to Acquazero by Sitip treatment ensure that you stay dry even in the most challenging conditions. The design is completed with breathable mesh braces for added comfort and a reflective pixel detail on the leg to improve visibility in low light conditions.

BeHOT represents a special combination of a highly refined type of knitted construction combined with this unique Roica Premium Stretch yarn function, and has been especially developed for this new high-function concept.

BeHOT is a unique fabric that can generate and retain heat during stretch: BeHOT with Roica produces measurable heat of up to 2 degrees in winter cycling tests certified by CeRism, Outdoor Sport Research Centre at Verona University.

By daisen