Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

Uster Technologies has announced plans for a phased evolution in key senior management positions. Progression to the next leadership generation will see Harold Hoke (vice-president, sales and service) and Walter Kiechl (the company’s chief officer in China), step back gradually, to foster a seamless transition over the next year.

After 37 successful years with Uster, Harold Hoke will be succeeded by Anson Xu and Andreas Tanner, under a new organizational structure. Xu will head all Chinese operations, while remaining as Head of Sales in China. Tanner will become Head of Sales for the rest of the world, as well as handling liaison with machinery manufacturers.

The new appointments will take effect from April 1st. However, Hoke will continue with Uster until at least March 2019, assisting the new appointees with the take-up. He will also remain a member of the company’s executive committee, as well as assuming full responsibility for other projects. On completion of these duties, Hoke will enter his retirement.

Tanner is already well-known within Uster and the wider textile community. His experience, passion, determination and accountability, will assure strength, continuity and stability of the Uster business.

In making the changes, Uster Technologies has focused on advance planning, to ensure customers experience a smooth and efficient continuation of their relationship. CEO Thomas Nasiou says, “We have taken the opportunity to have a fresh look at our organization, to position ourselves for the future. By initiating an early search for internal and external candidates, we are confident we have identified the right successors, as well as creating a streamlined transition plan.”

By daisen