Wed. Feb 28th, 2024

Kaneka Americas Holding, Inc. (KAH) and Kaneka Aerospace, LLC (KAE), both of which are wholly owned U.S. subsidiaries of Kaneka Corporation, and Henkel Corporation of the U.S. have finalized the transfer of commercial rights, technologies and patents of benzoxazine-based high-performance composites business from Henkel to Kaneka Aerospace.

KAE was established last September with the acquisition of Applied Poleramic Inc., which possesses advanced technology for formulated resin used in high-performance composites to enter into the promising aerospace business.

The addition of Henkel’s benzoxazine-based composites business further strengthens KAE’s growth, sales and market position of high-performance composite products.

Included in the acquisition are benzoxazine-based prepregs, film adhesives and infusion resins, several of which have been qualified in the aviation market.

The addition of these competitive products and technologies will further enhance the ability of Kaneka Aerospace to penetrate the aerospace market.

Kaneka will continue to seek M&A and partnership opportunities for further growth. Kaneka aims to achieve sales of more than US$200 million by 2025 in high-performance composites for aerospace application by fully utilizing Kaneka’s global R&D resources.

By daisen