Wed. Feb 28th, 2024

According to the Japan Chemical Fibers Association, the nation’s production of man-made fibers in February 2018 decreased by 6.9% compared to the same month of last year to 66,092 tons, of which synthetic fibers dropped 11.2% to 50,125 tons.

February production of acrylic staple fiber fell 35.0% to 5,830 tons, as China continue to impose anti-dumping duties. Polyester staple fiber production also dropped 24.7% to 6,192 tons, as a portion of production was transferred overseas. Polyester filament production decreased by 4.7% to 9,067 tons, along with that of nylon filament by 3.5% to 7,329 tons.

Meanwhile, the production of polypropylene filament and staple fiber increased by 24.2% and 1.7% respectively to 6,084 and 5,085 tons.

MMF stocks at the end of February amounted to 81,673 tons, down 3.5% from the previous month, of which synthetic fibers decreased by 4.2% to 63,296 tons.

By daisen