Saurer Setting Up New Technology Center in Arbon

The Saurer Group will set up a new technology center in Arbon, Switzerland. This research and development center at the home of the Saurer textile group will combine Saurer’s leading expertise in sensor technology and automation with the latest innovations of Industry 4.0.

Saurer is currently advertising around 10 vacancies, and the first candidates have already been found. The group believes it can create up to 40 jobs over the next years.

Anton Kehl, Chief Technology Officer of the Saurer Group, says, “Our return to the roots of the Saurer textile group is inspired by the pioneering spirit of our founders. Here in Arbon, Franz Saurer developed the first hand-knitting machine in 1869, built the first automatic embroidery machine in 1912, and conquered the world with his modern trucks from 1905. We aim to plot our course in this spirit of energy and innovation once again.”

The technology center in Arbon will work closely with existing R&D departments of the Saurer Group. This joint approach will be guided by Saurer’s central development philosophy that is summarized in the formula “E3+I”, which stands for “Energy, Economics and Ergonomics plus Intelligence”.

The formula symbolizes Saurer’s efforts to manufacture machines with minimum energy consumption, maximum production efficiency and pioneering ergonomics. At the same time, it intelligently integrates all of the data gathered during production with a view to implementing self-optimizing systems, preventive maintenance or intelligent quality control, for example.

Concluding, Anton Kehl says, “New developments in Industry 4.0 offer great opportunities for a group like Saurer. We aim to exploit these new opportunities, and to evaluate how they can be used to the advantage of our customers. Our vision is to become a provider of smart industrial solutions and services, and the Saurer technology center will undoubtedly make a valuable contribution to helping us achieve this.”