Avery Dennison Partners With SoftWear Automation

           Avery Dennison (a global leader in pressure-sensitive, functional materials, branding, weaving and labeling solutions for the retail apparel market) and SoftWear Automation (a revolutionary sewing technologies company for manufacturing automation in the home goods, footwear and apparel industries) have teamed up to help apparel manufacturers create a fully digital supply chain that enables speed in the manufacture of apparel and textile products.

Through this partnership, Avery Dennison is leading a transformative change in the apparel industry, ushering in innovation that is in keeping with the company’s history of pushing boundaries to create positive change across the supply chain.

Michael Colarossi, Vice President of Innovation, Product Line Management and Sustainability at Avery Dennison, says, “At Avery Dennison, we recognize that the apparel industry is changing. As consumers continue to demand fast, customized solutions, the apparel industry is challenged to respond. Innovation is in our DNA, and this partnership, combined with our expertise and unique position in the value chain, is part of our broader strategy to help factories and brands get their customers the products they want, when they want it.”

Avery Dennison’s capabilities in branding, labelling and RFID, combined with SoftWear Automation’s autonomous sewing worklines, enable digitalization and automation within the apparel and textile supply chain to accelerate this progression.

Palaniswamy “Raj” Rajan, Chairman & CEO of Softwear Automation, says, “You can’t make an on-demand, made-to-measure garment if it needs to travel through the global supply chain. It will never be fast enough. We have to rethink how we deliver apparel to customers to match their demand for speed, variation and quality.”

SoftWear Automation’s revolutionary digital T-shirt Sewbot Workline is a fully autonomous, single-operator system that produces one complete T-shirt every 22 seconds, twice as fast as manual sewing.