Taiwan’s Textile & Apparel Exports Grow 2% in Q1

According to the Taiwan Textile Federation, January-March 2018 exports of textiles and apparel increased by 2% year-on-year to US$2,414 million.

Exports of spun yarn to Vietnam and China showed remarkable growth, while mainstay fabric exports to these two countries decreased slightly.

By item, exports of fabrics decreased by 1% to US$1,578 million, while those of spun yarn grew by 12% to US$407 million. Exports of textile fibers rose by 2% to US$197 million, along with those of apparel and accessories by 2% to US$125 million and other textile products by 16% to US$107 million.

Exports to Vietnam (the largest market) increased by 2% to US$512 million: fabrics, US$398 million (down 0.1%); and spun yarn, US$52 million (up 14%).

Exports to China were the second largest, and grew by 4% to US$447 million: fabrics, US$259 million (down 0.1%); and spun yarn, US$142 million (up 22%).