2017 Shipments of New Textile Machinery Increase Globally

According to the 40th Annual International Textile Machinery Shipment Statistics (ITMSS), just released by the International Textile Manufacturers Federation (ITMF), deliveries of new short-staple spindles increased by 21% over 2016 to 9.53 million, along with those of long-staple spindles by 46% to 165,316, and open-end rotors by 24% to 788,110.

The number of shipped draw-texturing spindles rose by 23% to 340,997, and that of shuttleless looms increased by 13% to 95,385.

Shipments of new electronic flat knitting machines climbed 44% to 201,729, together with those of finishing machines of the category “fabric discontinuous” by 44%.

In contrast, deliveries of circular knitting machines stagnated in 2017 (up 0.12%), and those of finishing machines of the category “fabrics continuous” fell 2%.

The 2017 survey was compiled in cooperation with more than 200 textile machinery manufacturers representing a comprehensive measure of world production. This number includes numerous Chinese companies represented by the so-called “District”.