Wed. Feb 28th, 2024
Wing production at Bombardier Belfast
Wing production at Bombardier Belfast

Teijin Limited has been awarded a contract to supply Tenax carbon fiber materials to Bombardier Aerostructures and Engineering Services for another seven years until 2025.

Teijin is focusing on aircraft business as one of the growth strategies in its medium-term management plan for 2017-2019, and is intensively accelerating its development of mid- to downstream applications, such as cost-effective carbon fibers with higher tenacity and tensile modulus, intermediate materials including Tenax TPUD, carbon fiber thermoplastic consolidated laminate (Tenax TPCL), thermoset prepregs and non-crimp fabrics.

Teijin intends to further strengthen its carbon fiber and intermediate material business as a leading solution provider for aircraft applications, targeting annual sales in this field in excess of US$900 million by around 2030.

Teijin was awarded a contract by Bombardier to supply Tenax for major primary and secondary composite structures in 2010, and Tenax carbon fiber has been used for primary structure applications including wings, center wing box structures and empennage applications.

By daisen