Wed. Feb 28th, 2024

IGATEX Pakistan 2019 will take place from February 26th to 28th in Karachi, and Picanol will be present at the booth of Madhani Associates, which has represented Picanol in the Karachi region for the last five years.

In the Lahore region, Picanol is represented by Ghauri Enterprises.

These two agents and their respective organizations, along with the local Picanol Service team and all Picanol colleagues who are involved with this dynamic and challenging market on a daily basis, have ensured the long-standing presence and success of Picanol in Pakistan.

Picanol machines enable production in the four main Pakistani weaving segments of denim, sheeting, bottomweights and terry towels. Both the OMNIplus Summum air-jet and OptiMax-i rapier looms have proven to be the most productive weaving machines. This is an impressive feat as weavers in Pakistan run their machines at maximum speeds.

Picanol’s high levels of productivity, speed and efficiency are complemented with the lowest running costs that come from a unique approach to energy saving; i.e., producing more meters of quality fabrics at the lowest cost possible. Ultimately, this makes a real difference, and is the reason why the number of Picanol machines installed in Pakistan is continuously increasing. Picanol also offers an extensive range of services and support including training, electronic repairs, parts, weave-up upgrades, harness frames, machine installation & start-up, and textile set-up & optimization assistance.

By daisen