JUKI and YKK Jointly Develop Automatic Machine for Sewing Zippers Into Jeans Flies

Jeans fly and its location on a pair of jeans

JUKI Corporation and YKK Corporation have jointly developed an automatic machine for sewing zippers into the flies of jeans by fusing their technological know-how about sewing and fastening products.

In October 2018, a jeans factory installed and commenced production with this newly developed machine. Using a combination of robotic sewing arms, automatic fabric transfer systems and other technologies, the factory achieved a streamlined process for zipper installation. The benefits of this streamlined process include efficient automatic sewing, enhanced productivity, consistent quality and a production system that is dependent on neither human experience nor skills.

In addition to streamlining the process for sewing zippers onto jeans, YKK proposed a total solution that encompasses all aspects of manufacturing involving fastening products, such as ordering and inventory control. JUKI, on the other hand, focused on overall improving productivity of the sewing lines as well as that of the entire factory, proposing ways to achieve a “smart factory”. As a result of their collaborative marketing efforts, these total solutions that utilize the technologies and knowledge of both companies are to meet the needs of customers through resolving their challenges.

Since signing a joint-development agreement in January 2017, JUKI and YKK have been uniting their technological and service-offering capabilities. Through this collaboration, they are generating greater synergistic effects as well as strengthening and expanding their businesses, which are contributing to further development of the apparel industry.

The machines automatically align the zipper and the fly, sew the zipper onto it, and serge (sew) the edge of the fly