Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

           Shima Seiki Mfg., Ltd. has completely renewed its official internet website.

With the development of glove knitting machines as its starting point, Shima Seiki has continued to expand globally as a leading company in flat knitting machinery in fashion and apparel fields. More recently, its products have also been playing an increasingly important role in supporting manufacturing in other industries as well. Therefore, under the new slogan “KNITify the World”, the company is proposing knitting as an alternative method for all things manufactured. The new website provides insight to its new slogan, while promoting the appeal of knitwear in various market applications and familiarizing viewers with its products.

In addition to developing, manufacturing and selling knitting machines and other textile production equipment such as cutting machines and printing machines, the company also has many years of know-how and experience in software engineering for the development of such proprietary equipment as 3D design systems. The capability of this design system is especially unique in that it realizes Shima Seiki’s Total Fashion System concept of integrating the planning, manufacturing and sales stages to form a revolutionary supply chain that achieves smart, speedy and sustainable manufacturing with zero waste, which it explains in detail on its new website. Other pages of interest include Sustainability@Shima Seiki, which introduces sustainable manufacturing by using its products and solutions, and Virtual Sampling, which explains the benefits of using high-resolution simulations as alternatives to costly, time-consuming sample making, and WholeGarment that introduces an evolutionary new form of knitting that even revolutionizes the knit supply chain.

In addition, product catalog downloads are also available on the site, making it even more convenient. Security is improved, and the entire site is now mobile-friendly as well.

The new website is available in English, Japanese and Chinese at the following URL addresses:

  • English: https://www.shimaseiki.com
  • Japanese: https://www.shimaseiki.co.jp
  • Chinese: https://www.shimaseiki.com.cn

Shima Seiki has also launched a new portal site Shima Seiki Online Services (a.k.a ‘Shima online’), which collectively introduces its various web-based services (https://online-services.shimaseiki.com/). Taking advantage of IoT technology, Shima Seiki supports its users in all stages of the product supply chain through various web-based services, ranging from fashion trend information and archive of knit samples to production management and training support.

By daisen