Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

Archroma launched at the recent ITMA exhibition in Barcelona its new Lurapret N5396 & N5392 liq, a water-based ultra-low VOC polyurethane (PU) polymer coating technology.

The innovation was developed in compliance with “The Archroma Way: safe, efficient, enhanced, it’s our nature”. The approach finds its origin in Archroma’s deep belief that it is possible to make the textile industry sustainable, economically and ecologically.

Coatings are used in the textile industry to achieve features such as waterproofness, flexibility, durability and UV resistance. With the growing demand for safer and more ecological products, water-based PU coatings are progressively prevailing as the preferred coating technology.

Lurapret N5396 & N5392 liq have been developed to provide textile manufacturers with an additional water-based option that delivers high performance to the coated fabrics of demanding applications, such as indoor and outdoor textiles, nonwovens and papers.

Initially developed for the chemical bonding and coating for backpack and other industrial products, Lurapret N5396 & N5392 liq also improve the mechanical properties of the treated material such as their tensile strength and scratch resistance.

The new products will be the core of Archroma’s Safe Seats system. The system, which combines Lurapret N5392 & N5396 liq with Archroma’s halogen-free Pekoflam STC p flame retardant, allows to create a halogen-free flame-retardant coating system for synthetic leather upholstery.

Using Lurapret N5396 & N5392 liq together with Archroma’s Nuva N2155 & N4547 soil protection and release finishes, enables customers to achieve the highest standards in water repellence and waterproofness.

Lurapret N5396 & N5392 liq can be applied by impregnation, coating (paste or foam), and spray, and are compliant with ZDHC and bluesign requirements.

“The new Lurapret N5396 & N5392 liq coating polymers perfectly illustrate Archroma’s commitment to challenge the status quo in the deep belief that we can make our industry sustainable,” says Thomas Seeger, Global Business Development Manager for Finishing, Brand & Performance Textile Specialties, at Archroma, while at the same time helping customers to develop high-performance textile articles and added

By daisen