Advance Denim Becoming First Chinese Denim Mill Launching Collection Made with Archroma’s Aniline-Free Indigo

Advance Denim to offer a collection made with Archroma’s aniline-free Denisol Pure Indigo

Advance Denim Co., Ltd. will be the first Chinese denim manufacturer to offer a collection made with Archroma’s aniline-free Denisol Pure Indigo.

Established in 1987, Advance Denim is the oldest denim mill in China. The company has its own innovative Research and Development, manufacturing and sales teams, including a 120,000-square-meter manufacturing facility in Shunde, China, as well as offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Amsterdam and New York.

With its motto ‘True to Denim’ and focus on innovation and sustainable manufacturing, Advance Denim could only want to explore Archroma’s aniline-free indigo solution, when it was first launched in May 2018 as a non-toxic way to produce the traditional, iconic indigo blue that consumers associate with denim and jeans.

During traditional indigo dyeing process production, some of the aniline stays locked into the indigo pigment and is difficult to wash off the fabric. The remainder of the aniline impurity, approximately 300 metric tons annually, is discharged during dyeing. This can be an issue as aniline is toxic to aquatic life. In addition, exposure levels to factory workers can be high. As a result of its toxicity, it is now starting to feature on the restricted substance lists (RSL) of some major clothing brands and retailers.

The new Denisol Pure Indigo 30 liq was therefore developed as an aniline-free indigo solution for designers, manufacturers and brand owners who long for authentic indigo inspiration.

Umberto De Vita, Global Business Development, Denim & Casual Wear at Archroma, says, “At Archroma, we try to do our part, step by step, and that is why we developed the purest pre-reduced liquid aniline-free indigo available on the market. Together with the most eco-conscious denim mills out there, such as Advance Denim in China, we can make clean indigo – and clean denim. Because it’s our nature!”

“Advance Denim and Archroma are demonstrating, through action, how a traditional industry can transform and become sustainable while remaining profitable,” comments Amy Wang, Managing Director, Advance Denim.