Thu. May 30th, 2024

According to the Office of Textiles & Apparel, U.S. imports of textiles and apparel in September 2019 increased by 1.1% compared to the same month of last year to 6,267.4 million square meter equivalents (MSME). September imports of textiles grew by 5.2% to 3,681.3 MSME, while those of apparel decreased by 4.3% to 2,586.0 MSME.

January-September 2019 textile and apparel imports grew by 4.9% year-on-year to 53,092.0 MSME: textiles, 31,491.0 MSME (up 5.9%) and apparel, 21,600.9 MSME (up 3.5%).

Textile and apparel from China in September decreased by 4.3% to 3,200.5 MSME, but rose by 1.9% during the first nine months to 24,904.5 MSME.

By daisen