Asahi Kasei America Opens Marketing Base in Novi, Michigan

Novi Office of Asahi Kasei America

Asahi Kasei America has opened an office in Novi, Michigan, to strengthen its marketing function in North America, mainly in the automotive field.

In the Asahi Kasei Group’s medium-term management initiative, mobility is identified as a priority field for provision of value in the Material business sector. In North America, Asahi Kasei manufactures and sells car interior materials, compound resins and battery separators, and sells electronic components as well as provides technical support to customers in the automotive industry. Many Asahi Kasei products are being used by major automobile manufacturers in the region.

In 2017, Asahi Kasei introduced its AKXY concept car showcasing 27 (35 as of May 2018) of the company’s materials and technologies. In May 2019, Asahi Kasei unveiled AKXY POD, a vehicle interior mockup to demonstrate its concept for the future of passenger comfort, safety and security inside vehicles. By participating in exhibitions with AKXY and AKXY POD around the world, Asahi Kasei has stimulated discussions about future automobiles and related services.

The “Big Three” American automobile manufacturers have headquarters in the Detroit area, and many parts manufacturers are also located around Novi near Detroit. By concentrating its automotive marketing functions at the center of the industry, Asahi Kasei will continue to propose innovative products that meet rapidly changing market needs.

In addition to mobility, there are many other potential growth fields in North America. To accelerate new business creation, Asahi Kasei America will continue to strengthen its marketing function in collaboration with the Marketing & Innovation unit of Asahi Kasei Corp., which was established in April 2019.

Asahi Kasei will continue to actively expand its business in North America by cultivating customer satisfaction and creating new value.