Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

Oerlikon Nonwoven experts will be presenting efficient solutions and comprehensive technology know-how for challenging filtration tasks to an international trade audience at the FiltXPO 2020 in Chicago, U.S. (Stand # 420), taking place between February 26th and 28th.

Meltblown Technology for Filtration Applications
Meltblown technology is one of the most efficient methods for producing extremely fine and highly separating filter media made from man-made fibers. New, unique and highly sophisticated filter media are easy to manufacture thanks to Oerlikon Nonwoven’s optimized meltblown technology. This process is characterized by its constant melt pressure distribution and consistent dwell time across the entire width of the spinning beam. Furthermore, the novel guidance and distribution of the process air outside the coat-hanger distributor offered by the Oerlikon Nonwoven technology prevents so-called hotspots, which overall ensures particularly homogeneous nonwoven properties and basis weights even in the case of delicate raw materials.

Electro-Charging for Superior Filter Separation Performance
The filter efficiency can be considerably increased by means of so-called electro-charging – where the nonwovens are electrostatically charged. With its extreme flexibility when charging the most diverse nonwovens, the Oerlikon Nonwoven charging unit stands out against other concepts currently available on the market. Users can freely choose from a large number of variation possibilities and set the optimum charging method depending on the filter application, allowing the Oerlikon Nonwoven charging unit to also be used for the manufacture of EPA- and HEPA-class filter media.

Spunbond Technology for Filtration Applications
Spunbonds are frequently also being deployed in liquid and air filtration. Here, the nonwovens are predominantly used as carrier materials in order to provide both filter stability and the necessary pleatability. Furthermore, they are also deployed as preliminary filters in automobile and HVAC applications (heating, ventilation, air conditioning).
It is in this area that Oerlikon Nonwoven stands out with its segmented spin packs, which guarantee even melt distribution and polymer dwell time. The new forming section ensures improved nonwoven formation evenness across the entire width, even in the case of high spinning speeds, special polymers and polymer combinations. In addition to this, the newly designed system also ensures that nonwovens only require minimal edge trimming at the end of the production process. The newly developed mixed fiber technology enables the combining of various filament cross-sections and polymers, in order to set ideal filtering and pleating performances, for example.

By daisen