Fri. May 31st, 2024

Manteco, a world’s leading premium wool manufacturer, is launching a new precious ingredient MWool, an ‘upgraded’ recycled wool born from the company’s cutting-edge Manteco System combined with sustainable innovation and heritage.
MWool is both a smart ingredient and a groundbreaking brand. Manteco co-CEO Matteo Mantellassi says, “MWool is the natural result of our path towards a new generation of sustainability. It’s at the same time our past and our future. Our know-how and expertise and our innovation and vision for sustainable fashion. That’s why the term recycled wool wasn’t enough.”
Founded in 1943 in Prato district, Italy, Manteco has always been and still is a circular economy-driven company. Thanks to continuous investments in R&D, know-how and the engineering of the Manteco System, the company has achieved unmatched standards of recycled wool quality.
The system is a network of partner companies located within a 10-mile range of its headquarters. All these partners are led by Manteco towards a common path of sustainable growth that is 100% respectful of each company’s heritage, values and traditions. Like an orchestra director Manteco is guiding the network’s green development to an unmatched model in textile manufacturing for fashion.
“That’s why we decided to create a brand to identify our cutting-edge recycled wool from the generic offer. Our collections are imbued and interwoven with MWool as MWool special label means will highlight,” adds Mantellassi.
MWool is a key ingredient of Manteco ranges. “Quality, sustainability, measurement and traceability are major values in our philosophy and today we feel ready to go to the next level based on these premises:
Manteco is processing through its system ca 1,650 tons of recycled wool that can be transformed in MWool and:
1. Can carry, if requested, the Global Recycled Standard certification promoted by the influential Textile Exchange. GRS verifies and certificates recycled products as well as company’s responsible social, environmental and chemical practices.
2. Saves about 41.3 million of liters of water, 24.8 tons of dyes, 4.9 million kw of energy (the annual consumption of the whole Miami population), and 1,484 tons of carbon dioxide.
3. Goes through the reliable Manteco System quality control checks of excellence, no compromises: from raw material to yarns, fabrics and finishing, from all aspects physical and chemical.
Recycled Wool satisfies all criteria of circular economy. “It is our generation’s challenge to continue building the circular economy in which somebody’s waste becomes another one’s resource, generating a sustainable use of our world’s resources”, say at Manteco.
MWool is also “100% Made in Italy”. “Since the company’s foundation in 1943, we have always teamed up with and led some of the most strategic players in our territory to grow together as an integrated sustainable network of skills, ‘saper fare – Italian knowhow – and innovation. Humbly and with all our sleeves always rolled up, we like to call it the Manteco system,” adds Mantellassi.
Premium quality is achieved by leading the Manteco System to tune with the highest standards required by the global fashion system while preserving the ‘genius loci’ of each single partner along the whole supply chain according to shared sustainable goals and performances.
With a turnover of over 91 million euro in 2019 Manteco SpA is the fourth largest textile company in Italy. This internationally renowned player and innovator has active collaborations with some of the most influential fashion brands.
From a small textile mill, it has grown to become a multi-awarded game changer in terms of responsibility and innovation which exports to over 40 countries, and produces up to 8.6 million of meters of fabrics annually. Thanks to continuous investments in R&D, knowhow and the engineering of the Manteco System, the company has achieved unmatched standards of recycled wool quality.

By daisen