Japan’s Textile & Apparel Exports to East Asia Grow 12% in February

According to an export report compiled by the Japan Textiles Exporters Association based on Ministry of Finance trade statistics, exports of textiles and apparel in February 2020 increased by 13% over the same month of last year to US$692.29 million.
The increase in exports of textile fibers push up the overall export value.
Exports during the first two months of this year grew by 9% year-on-year to US$1,201.72 million.
February exports of textile fibers climbed 45% quantitatively to 23,237 tons. While exports of polyester staple fiber decreased by 28%, along with those of acrylic staple fiber by 3%, rayon staple fiber rose fourfold.
Yarn exports declined by 4% to 9,155 tons, with nylon filament yarns falling 13% to 2,229 tons.
Exports of woven and knitted fabrics decreased by 10% to 65.21 million square meters. While exports of nylon filament fabrics grew by 7% to 7.54 million square meters, those of polyester filament fabrics decreased by 6% to 16.54 million square meters. Exports of other items of woven and knitted fabrics decreased both in volume and value.
As for the export value by destination, exports to East Asia increased by 12% to US$485.05 million. Of this, exports to China rose 4% to US$179.35 million. Exports to the Vietnam (second largest market) grew by 3% to US$82.83 million.
(See Statistics section for Japanese textile & apparel export figures.)