Thu. May 30th, 2024

According to the Taiwan Textile Federation, exports of textiles and apparel during January-March 2020 decreased by 9.7% year-on-year to US$2,032.79 million. The coronavirus pandemic had an impact on the world’s textile industries, and among major export destinations, exports increased only for Vietnam.
First-quarter exports of fabrics declined by 7.1% to US$1,400.65 million, and those of yarns dropped 18.23% to US$303.00 million. Exports of textile fibers fell 20.97% to US$129.44 million.
Exports to Vietnam (the largest destination) rose 1.0% to US$529.80 million. Fabric exports increased by 2.0% to US$424.34 million, and those of yarns grew by 4.8% to US$57.94 million.
Exports to China (the second largest destination) were affected by the slow restart of production in China after the Chinese New Year due to the coronavirus, and fell 24.6% to US$280.78 million. Fabric exports fell 25.32% to US$170.20 million, along with those of yarns by 29.58% to US$76.20 million.

By daisen