Mon. Apr 22nd, 2024
Esprit selects EarthColors for its “I am Sustainable” capsule collection (photo courtesy of Esprit)
Esprit selects EarthColors for its “I am Sustainable” capsule collection (photo courtesy of Esprit)

Archroma announced a new collaboration with Esprit, which selected the EarthColors range for its “I am Sustainable” capsule collection.

The global fashion brand creates laid-back, high-quality essentials that reflect its core values of sustainability, equality and freedom of choice. The brand developed its first eco-conscious collection made of 100% organic cotton, back in the early 1990s.

EarthColors is Archroma’s line of patented plant-based dyes, sourced from up to 100% renewable resources, and was developed using non-edible waste products, from agriculture and herbal industries, to replace petroleum derived raw materials, which are the conventional raw materials used to synthesize dyes currently. This gives brands an alternative when looking for more natural ways of dyeing garments.

The colors available in the capsule collection are: mauve, beige, blue, khaki, pink and blush hues, which are made from the non-edible parts of nutshells, almond shells, rosemary, saw palmetto, bitter orange and beetroot, left over from agriculture industry or herbal extraction.

The brand is working on future fall/winter and spring/summer collections with more exciting articles to discover for nature-inspired consumers.

Kristina Seidler-Lynders, Manager Social & Environmental Sustainability at Esprit, comments, “When Archroma presented us their EarthColors, we were excited to have found a technology that would allow us to explore authentic colors synthesized from plants rather than petroleum.”

Dion Cragg, Brand Solutions Europe, Brand & Performance Textile Specialties at Archroma, says, “Esprit truly pushed the boundaries in adopting the concept across every possible article, from T-shirts and scarves to canvas sandals and bags. The end result simply looks amazing, and we are so incredibly proud to be able to support such creativity with our nature-based innovation.”

By daisen