Teijin Aramid Premium Para-Aramid on the Way to Mars in NASA’s Mars Perseverance Rover

Mars Perseverance Rover’s inflated parachute and suspension cords

Teijin Aramid announced that with the successful launch of NASA’s Mars Perseverance Rover from Cape Canaveral in Florida, its Technora high-performance fiber is again enabling space exploration.

Premium para-aramid Technora plays a critical role in the structure of the Rover’s landing parachute, developed by Airborne Systems and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which will be deployed during descent to Mars in February 2021.

On a mission to seek signs of past microscopic Martian life and gather rocks soil for its eventual return to Earth, the Mars Perseverance Rover  is carrying the heaviest payload of any mission to the Red Planet yet. In view of this unprecedented challenge, the parachute system has undergone an extensive set of demanding tests. Specifically, the parachute system has proven it can support an inflation load of 31,751 kg. The challenging surface conditions on Mars include average temperatures of minus 63°C, frequent dust storms and atmospheric electricity.

To ensure this unique parachute system performs under the extreme conditions of the descent to Mars, 60 kg of Technora are incorporated into the parachute’s suspension cords. Technora is also used in the parachute riser. This mission builds on the proven technologies and systems of previous Mars Rover expeditions, which also carried Technora. In particular, Technora was used on the Mars Curiosity Rover in 2012, where the parachute’s suspension cords had to withstand a 9G force during landing, about 27,000 kg.

Charles Lowry, Lead Project Engineer for Airborne Systems North America, Mars 2020 Parachute System Subcontractor, says, “When designing and building the parachute system for Mars Perseverance Rover, it was very important to utilize the volume that we were allocated to its fullest potential. Thanks to its outstanding strength-to-weight ratio, Technora allows us to do just that and increases the overall safety of the mission by providing more volume for stronger parachute cloth. There are many unknowns involved in any mission to space, but the tried and proven performance of Technora is not one of them.”

Peter ter Horst, CEO of Teijin Aramid, says, “Our journey into space has taken another exciting step. Our partners throughout the space industry have long recognized the unique potentials of incorporating Technora into their products to unlock new levels of performance. The launch of the Mars Perseverance Rover shows that we’re again the partner of choice when strength and reliability are of unprecedented importance.”