Japan’s Textile & Apparel Exports Fall 13% in H1

According to Japanese textile and apparel export statistics, as compiled by the Japan Textiles Exporters Association based on Ministry of Finance trade statistics, textile and apparel exports during January-June 2020 fell 13% year-on-year to US$3,294.06 million.

Exports of textile fibers decreased by 5% to US$400.60 million. While exports of rayon staple fiber jumped 123% to US$96.29 million, those of polyester staple fiber declined by 13% to US$18.30 million, along with acrylic staple fiber by 23% to US$203.40 million.

Yarn exports dropped 19% to US$386.39 million. Exports decreased for rayon filament yarns (down 28% to US$54.74 million), nylon filament yarns (down 32% to US$62.65 million) and polyester filament yarns (down 14% to US$41.99 million).

Exports of woven and knitted fabrics decreased by 23% to US$1,053.22 million. Exports of coated fabrics declined by 22% to US$179.60 million. Exports of nylon and polyester filament fabrics both decreased at the same rate of 21%.

Exports of nonwoven fabrics decreased by 4% to US$361.64 million, but their export volume rose 16% to 538.93 million square meters.

Apparel exports decreased by 6% to US$229.80 million.

By region, exports decreased to East Asia (down 14%), Europe (down 14%), North America (down 12%) and South America (down 20%).

By country, exports decreased to China (down 17%), Vietnam (down 15%) and the U.S. (down 12%).