Wed. Feb 28th, 2024

From September 2nd to 4th, Picanol will be present at Cinte Techtextil in the Shanghai New International Expo Centre. (Booth E3-A15)

Driven by extensive investments in R&D, Picanol has grown to become an industry leader for high-tech looms in the sector of technical textiles. The various developments made in recent years clearly highlight this point, and have resulted in the growing success of its looms in technical textile segments.

The wide OptiMax-i rapier looms can be equipped with positive guided grippers in widths up to 212 inches (540 cm). This demonstrates how Picanol can efficiently replace obsolete projectile technology for such applications as agro-textiles, packaging and carpet backings. Picanol can also present the new free flight execution for OptiMax-i, extending the weaving width up to an impressive 460 cm. This has set a new benchmark for the weaving of very sensitive yarns, such as zero twist yarns in coating fabrics.

Another innovation is the introduction of wasteless on the Left Hand Side in four colors (Ecofill 4), where significant cost savings can be realized. In regard to airjet looms, the new SmartShed technology, which was introduced on the most recent OmniPlus-i loom, already delivers the flexibility and performance in order to compete successfully. All of these developments complete Picanol’s offerings for coated fabrics, conveyor belting, glass fiber, tire cords and airbags, among all other technical fabrics.

As a global leader in the loom industry, Picanol offers weavers of technical fabrics solutions for specific applications, based on machine platforms that are also applied in mainstream applications. In this way, technical customers also enjoy state-of-the-art technology and performance, combined with the evident advantages its leading position offers them: large R&D resources, streamlined high-quality production and assembly processes, as well as a worldwide sales and services network.

Having all these products, services and specific expertise, Picanol is very well positioned to further support industrial developments in the technical textile market and to grow together with customers.

By daisen