Mon. Apr 22nd, 2024
Loepfe WeftMaster SFB
Loepfe WeftMaster SFB

Loepfe Brothers Ltd. announces the launch of its new WeftMaster SFB, the first of several of planned launches featuring latest technology products aimed at maximizing productivity in weaving mills.

The WeftMaster brand carries with it a long heritage of international success and reputation for Swiss engineering quality. The WeftMaster SFB weft thread brake has now been upgraded with new electronics to control up to four brakes.

Designed for fitting to projectile and rapier looms, the WeftMaster SFB controls the tension of all yarn types, thus minimizing weft thread breaks. Braking start is optimized through precise projectile detection allowing increased loom speeds and promoting higher output. The WeftMaster SFB brakes also feature reduced yarn abrasion and higher wear resistance.

Loepfe’s Head of Products & Solutions Guido Wieland says, “Today, it’s all about productivity and maximizing return on investments. The WeftMaster SFB helps our customers in the technical textile business to increase production while, effectively, prolonging the life of their original equipment. We know there are still many owners of mechanically braked weaving looms out there, so would urge them to contact us – there’s never been a better time to adopt a well-proven and reliable electronically controlled solution!”

Loepfe CEO Dr. Ralph Mennicke adds, “Despite the continuing COVID-19 crisis, a few months ago we announced our intent to transform the company and bring new products to the market. While our transformation is already well advanced, many congratulations to the whole Loepfe team for their excellent work to facilitate the launch of the new WeftMaster SFB product today. We are all very excited about this and other upcoming product launches. Our customers can soon expect more new best-in-class products to support them as economic recovery gets underway.”

By daisen