Thu. May 30th, 2024

Toray Industries, Inc., and Labelhood  announced the selection of Jacques Wei as the winner of the 2021 Ultrasuede x Labelhood Innovation Award. He is the founder of his namesake women’s fashion brand. The award was in recognition of the highly accomplished and forward-thinking approach in Mr. Wei’s design, which combines classic elements with simple, contemporary silhouettes. His ethos is in keeping with Toray’s commitment to the ongoing evolution of the Ultrasuede brand.

JACQUES WEI will unveil its Fall/Winter 2021 collection incorporating Ultrasuede on April 10 at a Labelhood event during Shanghai Fashion Week.

In its third year, this award is in collaboration with Labelhood, a fashion incubator for young independent designers in China. The two created this award program in keeping with their complementary visions. Toray’s is to foster social prosperity and a better future for generations to come. Labelhood’s is to invigorate the Chinese fashion scene.

Toray brought out Ultrasuede in 1970. Over the years, applications for this stylish, high-performance material have extended from fashion to encompass everything from automotive, aircraft, and other interiors to accessories for mobile devices. Toray looks forward to collaborating with Mr. Wei in expanding the potential of the Ultrasuede brand in China’s vibrant fashion scene. Toray looks to continue driving the evolution of this beautiful material.

By daisen