Wed. Feb 28th, 2024

 Toray Industries, Inc., announced that evaporative thermal resistance testing has confirmed that the fabric in LIVMOA 3000, a highly breathable model of disposable personal protective clothing,reduces heat stress. The company designed this apparel to optimize safety and comfort. Assistant Professor Tomonori Sakoi of Shinshu University’s Faculty of Textile Science and Technology supervised this testing.

 Protective clothing normally increases such stress because it shields the body from the surroundings, impeding heat release. Hot environments in which the risks of heat stroke are high make it hard to  dissipate body heat from temperature differences with surroundings, so perspiration becomes the prime means for cooling.

 Evaporative thermal resistance testing looks at the ease with which perspiration evaporates and the impact on heat stress. The test found that the Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WGBT) index, a benchmark for heat stress, showed a corrected value of 0° for LIVMOA 3000, the same as for regular clothing, and that this Toray fabric lowers heat stress more during work than general-purpose protective clothing The company accordingly believe that its apparel can help guard against heat stroke.

 LIVMOA 3000 offers greater air permeability than items with equivalent dust protection capabilities. Testing also confirmed that this product is better than counterparts at lowering heat stress when work movements generate air flows inside the garment.

By daisen