Wed. Feb 28th, 2024

 Asahi Kasei obtained the “OK biodegradable MARINE” international certification in January 2021 that verifies the marine biodegradability of Bemliese continuous-filament cellulosic nonwoven fabric.

 Bemliese has drawn attention as a sustainable material, and its demand is growing overseas. To further raise competitiveness in global markets with a uniform brand image across all applications and regions for higher brand value, the logo, tagline, and website for Bemliese have been renewed.

 OK biodegradable MARINE is a well-known certification issued by TÜV AUSTRIA BELGIUM NV/SA1 in Europe, where proactive adoption of bioplastic2 is advancing. Being made using environmentally friendly technology with 100% cotton linter as the raw material and strict control of chemical substances, Bemliese has already obtained the international certifications OK compost INDUSTRIAL3, OK compost HOME4, and OK biodegradable SOIL5, making OK biodegradable MARINE the fourth biodegradability certification obtained.

 Manufactured only by Asahi Kasei, Bemliese is a continuous filament nonwoven fabric made from cotton linter, the short fibers around cotton seeds. Featuring high liquid absorption and retention, environmental compatibility being derived from natural material, and low impurities, Bemliese is used in a wide range of applications such as cosmetic facial masks and disinfectant wipes. Asahi Kasei will further expand applications for Bemliese by leveraging the marine biodegradability certification.

By daisen