Wed. Feb 28th, 2024

 JUKI will soon be launching the DU-1481-7, a direct-drive, 1-needle, top- and bottom-feed, lockstitch machine with a double-capacity hook and automatic thread trimmer. The DU-1481-7 will be marketed as an environment-friendly non-apparel standard sewing machine that consumes less power. The worldwide release for the machine is scheduled for July.

 The DU-1481-7 is designed for the sewing of decorative topstitches on bags, car seats, sofas, and baby strollers. For reliable handling of the thick and heavy materials sewn for these applications, the machine arm is positioned at a wider distance from the needle. Powerful sewing capabilities with high-force needle penetration and improved feed efficiency are ensured.

 The DU-1481-7 comes with an electrical control box and motor (direct drive motor) integrated into its main body to increase responsiveness and reduce power consumption (7% reduction achieved). With a direct drive motor adopted in place of a belt drive motor, the machine never discharges belt shavings or requires belt replacement.

 The DU-1481-7 is also provided as standard with a needle thread clamp mechanism. With this mechanism, the remaining needle thread at sewing startup is pulled by about 2 mm out from the reverse side of the material. With no excess thread remaining on the top side of the material, the operator no longer has to nip the thread by hand.

 JUKI will be offering extensive support to the customers who produce non-apparel products with the DU-1481-7, an environment-friendly machine that improves the operator’s work efficiency.

1.High and long arm
The high and long arm adopted in the DU-1481-7 widens the distance from the machine arm to needle. With this high and long arm, the machine promises substantially improved work efficiency for the sewing of materials for large products such as sofas, car seats, and baby strollers.

2.Direct drive motor
The electrical control box integrated into the machine head and the direct drive motor system reduce power consumption. The high-torque direct drive motor for the sewing of heavy-weight materials provides excellent responsiveness to the material thickness and maximizes the needle penetration force even when sewing multi-layered materials.
3.Stable thread trimming
The thread trimmer can trim thin to thick threads with high consistency. The machine also adopts a rotary thread-trimming mechanism that works superbly for the trimming of the thick threads used for sewing furniture and bags. The automatic thread trimmer improves both workability and productivity while reducing thread waste compared with machines that lack the thread-trimming function. The pressure of the thread trimming knife of the thread-trimming knife can be easily adjusted with the adjustment screw.
4.Needle thread clamp device
The DU-1481-7 is provided as standard with a needle thread clamp device to eliminate remnant needle thread on the top side of the material at the start of sewing. This device ensures the production of neatly finished seams while reducing manual thread nipping with scissors and the damage it can potentially cause.
5.Improved work environment
The DU-1481-7 sewing machine is provided as standard with an LED light to illuminate the needle entry area. The improved visibility heightens work efficiency while reducing operator burdens.

By daisen