Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

 Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation and Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials Japan Ltd. have announced the development of a thermoplastic composite material (FRTP) which offers flame retardancy, high production performance and recyclability.

 Today, electric vehicles (EVs) are widely being developed with zero emissions to combat climate change. Two fundamental aspects of the EV battery systems are the requirement of higher fire resistance for passenger’s safety and utilizing lightweight materials to further save energy.

 Conventional technologies have often applied thermoset plastic composites, which have flame retardancy and are lightweight. However, low recyclability and less production performance are often considered issues.

 MCC and MCAM have together solved these issues in the development of FRTP by bring together our technology about battery systems and optimizing our unique fibers and thermoplastic resin compositions and achieving fire resistance that withstands more than 5 minutes of a flame over 1000℃ in our experiment. MCC and MCAM have already commenced sample work for some customers, and aim to develop new applications such as battery enclosures.

By daisen