Thu. May 30th, 2024

 Toray Industries, Inc., announced that it has received reverse osmosis (RO) membrane supply order for Rabigh 3 Desalination Plant in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Not only will the 600,000m3/day Desalination Plant be the largest SWRO plant in country, it will also be one of the largest SWRO plants in the world.

 Toray Membrane Middle East LLC (TMME), Toray’s local subsidiary located in Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will supply the RO membranes and provide technical services. In keeping with its company principle of reinforcing local services, TMME will supply locally manufactured product, provide commissioning support and autopsy service to help resolve water shortages in the Middle East, which will also ultimately contribute to stable energy supplies to the world.

 Over the years, Toray has expanded its RO membrane sales, production, and technical support to help resolve water issues around the globe. Applications extend from desalination, wastewater reclamation and industrial usage, achieving the total accumulated water production capacity of over 91,400,000m3/day, which is equivalent to serve the water needs of 640 million people, or around 8% of the world’s population.

 Ensuring supplies of safe and clean water is Toray’s top theme announced both in “Toray Group Sustainability Vision” on July 2018 and in “Toray Vision 2030” on May 2020. Toray will continue supplying RO membranes and other advanced membrane products while strengthening technical services to meet local demand, striving to help overcome the challenges of ever growing water demand in the Middle East.

By daisen