Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

 Toray Industries, Inc., announced  that it has developed LIVMOA 4500AS disposable personal protective clothing. The new offering complies with the JIS T 8115 Type 4 standard for “Spray-tight” chemical protective clothing . It also offers excellent dust protection and breathability and outstanding water resistance from the addition of seam tape. The company will launch this product in Japan on May 9. It targets sales of 50,000 items this year and 500,000 items in 2025.

 Toray developed the fabric for this product in 2021. It employs a highly durable SMS (spunbond + dense, water-resistant meltblown + spunbond) nonwoven, antistatic fabric. This fabric protects against dust and can withstand a water pressure of 1,000mm H2O (where the water pressure resistance at seams is less than 1,000 mm H2O), which is hard to achieve with regular SMS fabric. Toray believes that LIVMOA 4500AS is the world’s first clothing to be Type 4-compliant while delivering an air permeability of around 7 cc/cm2 per second.

 This new product can provide protection in a variety of tasks in which water resistance is vital. They include controlling dioxin levels at waste incineration facilities and performing major regular factory repairs. They also encompass work at chemical plants, maintenance, working in dirty areas, or removing asbestos.

By daisen