Thu. May 30th, 2024

 Teijin Aramid B.V. introduced Woven Matrix concept to simplify production of ballistic protection solutions.

 The Woven Matrix concept is a fiber-based matrix designed to simplify the production of a wide range of ballistic protection solutions. It is produced using Twaron, Teijin Aramid’s high-performance para-aramid.

 The Woven Matrix concept enables the binding resin to be incorporated during the weaving step, thereby circumventing the additional pre-pregging step. This important breakthrough means that weavers without pre-pregging capabilities can produce high-strength protective fabrics with a resin for developing ballistic resistance in various protective equipment. In this way, Teijin Aramid’s solution enables fabrics to be supplied in regions where pre-pregging is not available.

 Rob Woudman, Global Market Manager Ballistic Protection at Teijin Aramid: “With our Woven Matrix concept, we’re taking an important step forward in the production of ballistic protection equipment. By reducing the need for pre-pregging activities, we can help defense and security customers simplify their manufacturing processes. Moreover, we can unlock the production of critical protective equipment in new parts of the world, which will help improve the supply of these applications in key regions. Our world needs this solution, and I’m delighted that we will be presenting it to leading industry stakeholders at Eurosatory.”


By daisen