Hyosung Advanced Materials acquires ISCC PLUS with its eco-friendly materials

 Hyosung Advanced Materials has acquired the ISCC (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification) PLUS, the first of its kind ever achieved by a tire cord business the world over.

 As a certification concerning sustainable, low-carbon products corresponding to the EU′s Renewable Energy Directives (RED), ISCC PLUS is an accredited certification requiring stringent verification concerning the raw materials used and overall production/distribution process.

 Said certification is about the tire cord production process using eco-friendly raw materials like ″Bio-based PET″1), ″Mechanical Recycled PET″2), and ″Chemical Recycled PET.″3) Hyosung Advanced Materials engages in the production of tire cord using industrial Bio-PET fiber yarns made of raw materials extracted from vegetables and high-performance Recycled PET fiber yarns developed by it through the use of raw materials extracted from waste PET bottles. It is also striving to develop Bio-based Nylon fiber yarns and tire cord to meet more diverse eco-friendly needs.

 Eco-friendly certification concerning raw materials/part is very important but not an easy thing to do, and it can contribute to the expansion of eco-friendly products of front-line industries. Nowadays, carmakers including BMW are increasing the application of eco-friendly materials amid the heightened interest in sustainability. Global tire makers such as Bridgestone and Hankook Tire have also acquired ISCC PLUS certification, indicating their attention to eco-friendly products.

 ″Said certification is a result of our R&D effort to enhance overall sustainability. We′ll strive to play a leading role in the eco-friendly products market through cooperation with customers′ businesses both in and out of the country using the certification as a momentum,″ Company President Lee Kun-jong said, commenting on the matter.

 Having selected the following as its top 3 green management-related strategic directions, Hyosung Advanced Materials is carrying out related R&D activities: Zero Emission, Zero Waste, and Zero Impact. In its tire cord sector, the Company plans to convert all its PET tire cords into eco-friendly materials by 2050 in step with what global tire manufacturers are doing. Likewise, the Company has acquired the Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certification in its industrial fiber yarns sector. In its carpet sector, the Company is supplying vehicle mats made of Bio-PET fiber yarns for EVs and hydrogen vehicles. It goes to show that the Company is striving to expand eco-friendly products in many of its business sectors.