Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

 The international textile machinery exhibition ITMA 2023 will be held from June 8th to 14th in Milan, Italy. ITMA is called the “Olympics of Textile Machinery” because it is held once every four years. At ITMA 2023, leading textile machinery builders and parts manufacturers from Japan and other parts of the world will showcase their cutting-edge models and parts.

Murata(H3-D107) Full Model Change of Automatic Winders Made for First Time in 12 Years

 At ITMA 2023, Murata Machinery, Ltd. will introduce the Process Coner AIcone, a full model change of automatic winders made for the first time in 12 years, and the Vortex 870 EX model of Vortex spinning machines, which are highly rated for their high performance and the functionalities of the yarn they spin. A completely new automatic winder will also be shown as a reference exhibit. All of these machines will be shown in operation at the exhibition. Furthermore, the company will introduce genuine parts and show videos of IoT solution Muratec Smart Support (MSS) including its concept of customer support, history of evolution and features.

 The Process Coner AIcone further improves the high productivity, energy saving performance and package quality of Process Coner QPRO automatic winders. It was developed by bringing together the technologies the company has cultivated over 70 years. The machine on exhibit (bobbin tray, 12 spindles) will be equipped with both a drum unit and an arm traverse unit. Various types of windings will be demonstrated, such as soft winding and round edge.
With the concept of “Non Stop”, the completely new automatic winder will be introduced as a model that brings out the best in cutting-edge technologies.

 Changed on a daily basis, the Vortex 870 EX will demonstrate the spinning of recycled polyester staple fiber, for which needs are rapidly growing, and Tencel lyocell fiber. A booth in Hall 2 (D208) will introduce the characteristics and samples of Vortex yarn, including the latest product samples and extensive range of applications of Vortex yarn.

 MSS is the company’s IoT solution for operation management that makes full use of IT, such as remote monitoring and centralized management of machines. A special video space in the booth will show its history of evolution and customer interviews.

TMT Machinery(H3-D106) Strengthening Developments for Energy Saving and Environmental Friendliness

TMT Machinery booth at ITMA ASIA+CITME 2020

 TMT Machinery, Inc. was established as a joint venture among Toray Engineering Co., Ltd.; Murata Machinery, Ltd.; and Teijin Seiki Co., Ltd. (currently Nabtesco Corporation), and celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2022. Based on the concept of “The One & Only Technology”, this major manufacturer of synthetic fiber manufacturing equipment is constantly developing new technologies, and has delivered many products of the highest quality to countries around the world.

 Under the theme of “20th Anniversary and Further Innovation”, TMT Machinery will highlight at ITMA 2023 state-of-the-art equipment and unique cutting-edge technology that meet the needs of customers.

 ATF-21N/M is a draw texturing machine equipped with a Nip Twister, a unique technology, and targets differentiated yarn through special composite processing. At ITMA 2023, TMT Machinery will present an example of its advanced process know-how through actual machine demonstrations. ATF-G1 is currently under development as a next-generation false twisting machine, and the concept and outline of this future model will be presented using computer graphics. In regard to automation and labor-saving equipment, which are also a recent trend, the company will introduce an automatic fiber-threading robot on a 100-inch monitor.

 In order to expand sales in the main market of China and to have an absolute advantage over its competitors, TMT Machinery is strengthening developments including ongoing efforts in energy-saving and environmental friendliness. Furthermore, the company is keeping an eye on expanding sales to India, Turkey and Middle Eastern countries, with an emphasis on quickly grasping needs in each of these markets and focusing on recommending the most suitable specifications and optimum development themes.


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