Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

Toyota Industries(H10-B104) Demonstration of Cutting-Edge JAT910 Air-Jet Looms

 Toyota Industries Corporation will present mainly the JAT910 air-jet loom, which was launched last November. JAT910 has been well received since its launch, and orders have been growing mainly for exports to China and India. Inheriting the high-speed, low-vibration technologies as well as high weaving capabilities of the previous model, further improvements have been made to environmental performance and efficiency of factory management.

 By improving the construction of the weft yarn blowing air-jet system, air consumption is reduced by 20% and air pressure by 10% compared to the conventional model. The new main motor inverter also reduces power consumption by 10%. The JAT910 is equipped with the i-Sensor, which detects weft yarn insertion timing when the yarn is passing inside the warp yarn and automatically calculates the optimum air pressure and weft insertion requirements. These features are highly evaluated for helping to improve weaving efficiency.

 At ITMA 2023, three JAT910 looms will be on exhibit: one equipped with the company’s original electronic shedding E-shed weaving an ultra-fine stretch yarn, and another equipped with the new crank shedding C-shed demonstrating the weaving of wide sheeting and pillow covers. The third JAT910 will be a jacquard model weaving bath towels with various kinds of piles.
In the field of spinning machines, a video will be shown to introduce the state of developments of pot spinning, which was launched at the previous ITMA in 2019 and attracted considerable attention. Pot spinning rotates a cylindrical pod at high speeds, and centrifugal force is used to twist and wind the yarn. It maintains the same quality as ring spinning, and is more than twice as productive as ring spinning.

Tsudakoma(H6-A301) Main Focus on ZAX001neo Air-Jet Loom

 Tsudakoma Corp. will mainly promote the air-jet loom ZAX001neo, which evolved the concept of “Smart Ecology – Ecology and Economy in Harmony”.

 Based on the Neo Weft Insertion System, a standard feature of the ZAX001neo, sub-nozzles have been newly developed, and the sub-nozzle arrangement has also been revised. Delicate lining fabrics can be woven in the same high quality at high speeds with significant air savings and reduced pressure. Compared to former air-jet looms, air consumption is 35% less, and pressure is reduced by 20%. The driving system is a direct gear drive. High-speed operation is achieved with low power consumption as a specially developed high-efficiency IPM motor is used instead of the conventional induction motor.

 The ZAX001neo can also weave wide-width industrial fabrics (awnings), breaking through the stereotype of weaving wide industrial materials on rapier looms. The combination of robust TAP (Tsudakoma Advanced Platform), highly efficient IPM motor and newly developed sub-nozzles with high weft-feeding force enables powerful weft insertion and stable high-speed weaving of thick coarse-count yarns in ultra-wide widths.

Aiki Riotech(H3-A101) Air-Texturizing Machines on Which Yarn Varieties Can Be Changed Easily by Changing Units

 Aiki Riotech Corporation designs and manufactures inhouse everything from small test equipment to large production machines. In addition to machinery for manufacturing high value-added textiles, the company offers custom-made equipment that meets the needs of customers. At ITMA 2023, it will promote an air-texturizing machine equipped with the cut slub unit C-type that was developed three years ago. A significant feature of this machine is that the rollers and other drive parts are made in units, so that the yarn guide can be easily changed by replacing the units. This enables the production of diverse value-added textured yarns in a wide variety and small lots. Whenever the production quantity increases in the future, the number of spindles can also be increased.

 In the case of synthetic fibers, it is required to manufacture various products on one single machine, so Aiki Riotech will exhibit at ITMA 2023 a model that meets these requirements. Furthermore, the company is working on further energy savings of machines and the training of engineers in line with global efforts for SDGs.
While the replacement of synthetic fiber texturizing machines increases, Aiki Riotech is focusing on supplying new equipment of the same quality as existing machines but boasting higher efficiency and safety measures.

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