Thu. May 30th, 2024
The Masuda Plant (located in Masuda City, Shimane Prefecture of Japan) of Daiwabo Rayon Co., Ltd., the only producer of VRSF in Japan

 The Daiwabo Group manufactures viscose rayon staple fiber (VRSF, the only producer in Japan) and synthetic fibers centering on polypropylene staple fiber. The group also produces spunlaced nonwovens (SL) and air-through-type thermal bonded fabrics using these fibers, as well as the merchandising of nonwoven products.
At this year’s ANEX, Daiwabo presents environment-friendly products. Exhibits include environmentally friendly synthetic fibers and SL made from VRSF, which is certified as an environmentally friendly “non-plastic” by the EU. Products with added functions are being promoted.

 New Bonding Fiber KK-PL is a biodegradable bi-component fiber consisting of a core of polylactic acid and a sheath of polybutylene succinate. It has a different melting point, and can be used as a binder fiber.

 Daiwabo supplies spunlaced fabrics made mainly of VRSF. The group offers highly functional nonwovens made by laminating or blending different fibers or patterned with a high degree of design.

 As for overseas sales of nonwovens, Daiwabo expects the market for cosmetic articles to grow in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Europe, while the face mask market in China heads toward lower prices. In addition, Environment-friendly materials are expected to be the key for low-priced disposable products in the future.

 In this context, the group considers it is important to respond to rapid changes in the market for cosmetic articles, as well as speeding up marketing and developments of differentiated products. In addition, cost reductions are cited as a challenge for promoting environmental friendliness.

By daisen