Thu. May 30th, 2024
Kasen Nozzle is highly regarded for its high precision and quality control

Kasen Nozzle Mfg. Co. Ltd. manufactures spinnerets and other products, and its high-quality meltblown dies are a distinctive feature for the production of nonwoven fabrics. The company is highly regarded for its high-precision processing tolerances (difference between maximum and minimum values) and quality control, and has a track record of sales to major nonwoven fabric manufacturers. It is also actively involved in R&D with its customers, with its own test facilities (600 mm width = Vertical Spinning, 250 mm width = Horizontal Spinning), which are capable of producing prototypes from a variety of raw materials.

Various Types of Nonwovens Including Fine-Fiber, High-Weight and Fiber Mixed Varieties

At this year’s ANEX, Kasen Nozzle is promoting especially to companies that are considering an expansion of the nonwovens market in Taiwan and the introduction of meltblown nonwovens (MB) equipment. Many prototypes of MBs and spunbonded fabrics (SB) made at its own test facilities are on exhibit.

MB and SB samples are presented in fine-fiber and high-weight types mainly made of polypropylene, and Kasen Nozzle is also introducing fiber-mixed MB, which can be manufactured from the same raw material with different fineness, different viscosity, or even from different raw materials. In addition, there are also panels displaying MB, SB, mixed fiber MB and its testing facilities.

In FY2023 (fiscal year ending in March 2024), the special demand for nonwoven fabrics catering to the COVID-19 pandemic came to an end, and the oversupply of production equipment and a sense of saturation led to a decline in the desire to make capital investments. Kasen Nozzle expects a recovery of orders for filters and MB for sanitary materials in FY2024, and is also actively pursuing the use of new raw materials and manufacturing processes, focusing on new inquiries from overseas with an aim to develop new markets.

By daisen