Wed. Feb 28th, 2024

 Sales of Ultra-Micro Types & Acrylate Fiber to Be Expanded

東洋紡The Exlan Operating Department (EOD) of Toyobo Co., Ltd. is focusing on developing the European market.
The company produces Gokui ultra-micro ASF, Eks acrylate fiber and other fibers that are rich in refined taste and high functionality, and these fibers are marketed for application in apparel as well as in industrial materials. Direct exports to the European market occupy about 5% of the total volume, but the company aims to expand exports to Europe and the U.S. at an annual twofold rate. As one of the sales expansion measures, Toyobo is exhibiting in Première Vision Yarns from September 13th to 15th in Paris, France.

Toyobo has exhibited Première Vision Yarns three times in the past. Together with a follow-up of business with present customers, the company has been using the show for acquiring new customers. At Première Vision Yarns this September, it intends to link its participation to developing the European and American markets by exhibiting ASF that is rich in refined taste and high functionality.

Toyobo is mainly presenting Gokui, which is the world’s finest acrylic fiber for spinning, Erena microfibers that have a natural slick feeling and Eks, which is the ultimate of acrylate fiber. Gokui is an ultra-micro ASF of 0.5 dtex, and fabrics made with Gokui have a fine, light and soft texture. These fabrics also have good color development and easy care property, and pilling hardly occurs. Erena obtains a soft texture thanks to the use of microfibers, and the natural slick feeling remains even after repeated washings as a special polymer is applied to the fibers. Pilling is also difficult to occur.

Eks acrylate fiber has moisture-absorbing and heat-generating properties. While air inside the garment is kept dry by the absorption of water vapor, a warm and comfortable temperature is maintained even in a cold winter environment, as the kinetic energy of water vapor is converted to thermal energy.

Toyobo specializes in such highly refined, highly functional ASF. Although the main application is innerwear such as underwear, strategic moves are being made to expand direct exports to Europe by marketing to a wide range of applications through Première Vision Yarns.

Toyobo considers that the European and U.S. markets have room for its highly refined, highly functional ASF to develop as the level of products is high. In fact, inquiries are increasing for Eks, Ceram A acrylic fiber incorporating far-infrared radiative ceramics and other functional acrylic fibers. The interest in microfibers including Gokui is also high.

With such highly refined, highly functional ASF as the basis, proposals that meet the European taste are being made.

By daisen