Thu. May 30th, 2024

The same store-based sales of Japanese casual wear store chains in August were affected by a decrease in shoppers due to weather factors such as the typhoons that hit Japan from the middle of the month.

In contrast to favorable sales up to July, August sales increased compared to the same month of last year for only Right-on Co., Ltd.

Product-wise, cut-and-sewn articles including T-shirts continued to be the best selling items in women’s and men’s wear. As the lingering summer heat was expected to continue, some stores held larger stocks than usual, and there are still large quantities of cut-and-sewn items on the shelves of stores.

As in June and July, cut-and-sewn articles continued to contribute to the sales of casual store chain in August. If the weather had not affected sales in August, many of the stores probably were able to increase their sales.

By daisen