World Releasing Limonta Printed One-Piece Dresses


In collaboration with Limonta, a prestigious Italian textile manufacturer, World Co., Ltd. will release one-piece dresses made from Limonta original printed fabrics under the Reflect fashion brand for women aged thirty or over.

The floral design dresses are largely hand-drawn like with an unclear outline. The colors feature gradation to make the wearer look slender. The skirt portion has a clean I-line with the use of dark colors in the middle and faint colors toward the edges.

The design features a plain fit and flare silhouette, and the skirt portion has slightly bulging tucks.In developing the products, Reflect staffers visited Limonta to select designs fitting their brand image from a collection of over 20,000 designs that the Italian manufacturer has collected since 1750. The staffers of the two companies then made an arrangement of designs by putting their ideas together.
The price is 29,000 yen apiece, and one-piece dresses with plaid designs will be added from November.