Thu. May 30th, 2024

(Hall 6, Booth E01)
Brückner will show their orientation toward customers and the future. The company will present mainly new developments and products concerning the sector of woven fabrics.

One of its products is the Power-Shrink sanforizing line for the finishing of woven fabric. A rubber belt compacting line allows the sanforizing and compacting of very different types of woven fabrics. Finishing on a sanforizing line gives the fabric a more stable structure, a silky shine, a smooth hand and minimum residual shrinkage values.

With the Power-ColorTherm continuous dyeing line, customers will achieve uniform and reproducible dyeing results. The line ensures a crease-free fabric flow without shading and migration. The symmetrical structure of the air circulation zones prevents a different shade on the two fabric sides.

(Hall 6, Booth F12)
%e4%bf%a1%e6%81%af10%e6%9c%88%e5%8f%b7itma%e6%97%a5%e9%98%aa%e8%a3%bd%e4%bd%9c%e6%89%80Hisaka Works, Ltd. is differentiating itself from competitors by focusing on the issues of dyeing and finishing factories, and providing solutions with its technical proposal capabilities and expertise. Under the theme “Keep on Challenging”, the company will promote ways for producing high-class products, products that are extremely difficult to produce and value-added products, as well as offering measures for environmental protection and energy saving. Peripheral equipment for dyeing and finishing will also be introduced.

Hisaka will exhibit the CUT-AR liquid dyeing machine, HTDR high-temperature discharge and rinsing system and RD rapid powder (dyestuff and chemicals) injection device.
The CUT-AR is known to be used for processing materials for automobile interiors, sportswear, interior goods and medical materials. In addition to its space saving feature and high processing capacity, it contributes to improving the reliability and productivity of dyeing and finishing factories in aspects of quality, cost and delivery.

The HTDR can reduce fuel and chemical costs by carrying out cooling from a high temperature range (130°C) and rinsing at the same time.

The RD does not dissolve the dyestuff, and can rapidly inject the dyestuff in powder form after it is measured, so the burden of carrying the dyestuff in the factory is reduced, and the dyestuff can be injected in a short time.

Toshin Kogyo
(Hall 5, Booth C19)
Toshin Kogyo Co., Ltd. will present its Ichinose 2050 textile inkjet printer. The company considers that textile inkjet printers are entering the period of mass production from small-lot production. At ITMA ASOA+CITME 2016, it will show and demonstrate its latest model that can meets needs for mass production, as well as for producing sophisticated printed fabrics.

This model uses print heads (2,656 nozzles) with a high resolution of 600 dpi, and depending on the ink arrangement (6 colors × 2 groups/line × 2 lines), it can achieve a maximum speed of 480 sqm/hr with two-pass printing effects.

The 12 colors × 2 arrangements have a wide color range, and enable sophisticated printing, such as smooth gradation effects and vivid color printing with the use of fluorescent inks.

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