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Deliveries of Vortex III 870 exceed 1,000 machines

(Hall H2, Booth D01)
Corner Made for Showing Fabrics & Product Samples Made From “Vortex” Yarn

Deliveries of Vortex III 870 exceed 1,000 machines
Deliveries of Vortex III 870 exceed 1,000 machines

Murata Machinery, Ltd. will exhibit in ITMA ASIA+CITME 2016 under the theme “Link to the Future”. Offering solutions that meet various needs, such as compatibility of high quality and high productivity, superior energy-saving performance and differentiation for meeting the various needs in the market, the company will introduce the latest automatic winder and Vortex spinning machine.

Furthermore, it will present near-future machine maintenance and maintenance support in the final spinning process with the use of Information Technology.
Murata will demonstrate the Vortex III 870 (16 spinning units), which is the latest model of the Vortex series that performs the three processes of roving, spinning and winding on one machine. There will also be a corner where the latest woven and knitted fabrics made from Vortex yarn as well as samples of finished products are on exhibit.

Deliveries of the Vortex III 870 have exceeded 1,000 machines. The company will appeal the versatility of Vortex, which is also suitable for the home textile sector, by demonstrating the spinning of coarse-count pure polyester yarns. Demonstrations will also be made for high-speed spinning of rayon staple fiber at 500 m/min., as well as for spinning polyester/cotton blended yarn that is in growing demand.

Furthermore, a corner will be made for showing the latest fabrics and product samples that make the most of the characteristics of Vortex yarn. These fabrics and product samples are provided by more than 10 fiber producers and apparel firms, and visitors can actually see and feel the high functionality and outstanding quality of Vortex yarn.

As for automatic winders, the Process Coner II QPRO Plus (bobbin tray type with 24 spindles) and Process Coner II FPRO Plus (Link Coner type with 12 spindles, of which 4 spindles are magazine specifications) will be shown for the first time at an exhibition in China. The Process Coner II QPRO Plus achieves high productivity, high quality and energy saving. The Process Coner II FPRO Plus on exhibit will be a Link Coner type with a magazine unit having four spindles, and will be demonstrated winding various yarn types and yarn counts in various package forms. This arm traverse-type winder can respond to multi-item/small-lot production because easy to use machine settings enable speedy changes in lots, yarn variety, etc.

The customer support integrated management system, “Muratec Smart Support” (MSS) will also be introduced. Using smartphones and tablet terminals for maintenance work, the MSS Web Applications that supports work in front of the machine will be shown and demonstrated.


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