Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

(Hall 3, Booth 01)
Bonas of the Vandewiele Group will introduce the ‘Ji’ range of jacquard machines, which are available in formats from 1,920 to 5,760 hooks and are the most compact machines on the market. The ‘Ji’ is designed in Europe with the focus on the Chinese market where higher productivity requirements are requested to create a high added value.

The Ji is maintenance free and equipped with the latest filter technology
Three types will be demonstrated to show their wide range of applications. The first jacquard with 4,800 hooks will be installed on a double-width loom weaving a furniture fabric. The second ‘Ji’ jacquard with 2,688 hooks will be on loom producing terry towels. The third ‘Ji’ with 2,304 hooks will be producing high-quality labels.

A ‘Si’ jacquard with 7,440 hooks, single end with a Bonas harness will be on display, running at an incredible high speed of 850 rpm on an air-jet loom
All machines will be linked to the new ‘Ci’ Bonas controller. The Bonas jacquards on exhibit will be equipped with in-house designed and produced harnesses.

(Hall 3, Booth F01)
Lindauer Dornier GmbH will present market-leading machine concepts for the production of highly sophisticated fabrics.

Under the motto “The Green Machine”, the family company, which manufactures its machines exclusively in Germany, will present as a focal point comprehensive solutions for “green technologies”. This stands not only for the noted green color of Dornier looms but also the “sustainable effect” of fabrics produced on these machines. These fabrics are of decisive importance for “green technologies” in many branches: Whether finest filters for purifying water or air, airbags and antiballistic structures to protect against injuries or death, composites made of glass or carbon fibers to reduce moved masses and CO2 emission. In all these sectors, Dornier “Green Machines” have long been indispensable for manufacturing customized precision fabrics in the respective application areas.

Apart from the production of textile fabrics, Dornier will focus on weaving high-quality materials for clothing. Chinese and Asian textile manufacturers will also be able to see how they can manufacture reliable prime quality, combined with high productivity, in the fast growing apparel market segment. Dornier looms exhibit unique performance and process reliability, especially in these production segments with the highest demands on the fabrics. This results from significant exchanges of ideas with customers, the imagination of Dornier engineers as well as the quality of production in Germany.

After presenting the rapier loom P2 type TGS at the ITMA 2015 in Milan, Dornier will now present a further new type of rapier loom at ITMA ASIA+CITME 2016 for the first time. The new P2 type TGV combines the reliability of the previous P1 PTV model with the future-oriented modular P2 machine concept.

Dornier will show an air-jet weaving machine of the latest generation A1 type AWS. An air-jet loom equipped with a jacquard can be seen on Stäubli’s booth.
Both of these machines will prove their performance capability through the production of especially demanding fabrics in compliance with Dornier’s basic principle “Quality creates value”.

Izumi International
(Hall 3, Booth D30)
Izumi International Co., Ltd. will present special tension controllers TOP1000 and TOP5000 for weaving ultra-fine-count glass fibers into the base cloth used for personal computer boards. These are magnet-type tension controllers suitable for glass fibers. The yarn is not damaged, and the tension can be controlled in units of 0.5 grams.

The company will also display rubber strips for looms. In addition to conventional types, various strips are available, such as long-lasting types, very long-lasting types and for weaving various types of fabrics including glass fibers.

(Hall 3, Booth B12)
Nankai Industrial Co., Ltd. will present heald frames for high-speed weaving for promoting its New Light brand of heald frames made by a Japanese manufacturer.

Two types will be exhibited: Collabo III and Collabo. Collabo III is narrow-width heald frames for high-speed and high-load operations. The carbon fiber-reinforced plastic composite achieves lighter weight and high rigidity.

Collabo is also made of CFRP composite for light weight and high rigidity; depending on the weaving condition, it is possible to weave without a center stay.

(Hall 3, Booth C20)
Picanol will present a wide variety of weaving machines, both air-jet and rapier. The highlights will be the OptiMax-i, on display for the first time on the Asian continent. Two other rapiers on display are a GTMax-i in 190 cm and one in a wider width version of 340 cm.

As for air-jet looms, two OMNIplus Summum and one OMNIplus-X will be shown.
A total of nine Picanol looms will be on display at ITMA ASIA+CITME 2016, six of which will be on the Picanol booth. One Picanol OMNIplus Summum with jacquard will be exhibited on the Bonas booth and one OptiMax-i on the Stäubli booth.

Details of the looms on exhibit are as follows:
1. OMNIplus Summum 6-R 190 air-jet loom weaving a shirting fabric
2. OMNIplus Summum 4-P 280 air-jet loom weaving a sheeting fabric
3. OMNIplus-X 2-P 190 air-jet loom weaving a bottomweight fabric
4. OptiMax-i 4-R 190 rapier loom weaving a fancy denim
5. GTMax-i 8-R 340 rapier loom weaving a deco fabric
6. GTMax-i 6-R 190 rapier loom weaving a denim shirting
7. OptiMax-i 12 – J 190 rapier loom weaving an upholstery fabric (Stäubli booth)
8. OMNIplus Summum 6-J 190 rapier loom weaving a furnishing fabric (Bonas booth)

Takayama Reed
(Hall 3, Booth D28)
Takayama Reed Co., Ltd. will exhibit loom maintenance tools including an on-loom reed cleaner, ultrasonic sub-nozzle cleaner, sub-nozzle inspector and portable air checker.

Weaving reeds will also be on exhibit, such as Tunnel Reeds for air-jet looms, Jumbo Reeds for paper filter weaving and Duraflex Reeds for water-jet and rapier looms.

The company will also show hook reed equipment and expansion boards including a semi-auto leasing system for hook reeds and warping reeds for adjusting width with an eyelet guide.

Toyota Industries
(Hall 3, Booth B16)
Focusing on 3E (Environment, Ecology, Energy) in its Vision 2020, Toyota Industries Corporation will collect the voices of customers through simple honest service activities, and will undertake developments that will provide solutions with the synergy that builds up on the wisdom of the entire company.

At ITMA ASIA+CITME 2016, the company will demonstrate four JAT810 air-jet looms, and will also reveal a new water-jet loom model, the LWT810.

The JAT810s equipped with the original E-Shed electronic shedding motion will be weaving at high speeds a highly fashionable complex gingham pattern, irregular corduroy with yarns of various varieties and counts, and high-quality towels with the optimum settings for pile and border. A wide-width model (340 cm) will be demonstrated weaving an interior cloth with yarns of various types and counts used for both warp and weft at high speeds.

The LWT810 water-jet loom with multi-shaft crank shedding can stably weave at high speeds high-density airbag fabrics in wide widths.

(Hall 3, Booth D32)
itma%e6%b4%a5%e7%94%b0%e9%a7%92%e3%83%9f%e3%83%a9%e3%83%8eUnder its main theme “Smart Ecology, Ecology and Economy in Harmony”, the Tsudakoma Corp. Group will present products that achieve energy saving, manpower saving in addition to high productivity and high quality.

Tsudakoma aims to achieve value addition, high quality and high productivity, while paying careful attention to working conditions in the factory and to the natural environment, pursuing “Ecology and Economy in Harmony for Smart Ecology”.

Tsudakoma Corp. will exhibit the ZAX9200i Master air-jet loom (230 cm reed width, positive electronic dobby) weaving an interior cloth. The ZAX9200i Master terry air-jet loom {280 cm reed width, electronic jacquard (independent drive)} will be demonstrated weaving high-quality bath towels (three panels). The ZW8100 water-jet loom (230 cm reed width, positive electronic dobby) will be weaving an interior cloth (double beam).

Tsudakoma’s Chinese affiliated company, Tsudakoma (Changshu) Co., Ltd. will exhibit a new water-jet loom, ZW 508 and their joint company, Jingwei Tsudakoma Textile Machinery (Xianyang) Co., Ltd. will show a new air-jet loom, ZAX-GSi. Both jet looms employ genuine parts made by Tsudakoma Corp. in Japan, and the efficient Chinese production system for main components.

In hall 3, booth C11, T-Tech Japan Corp. will exhibit a sizing machine that supports stable and more productive operations of jet looms.

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