Toray Develops Lumbar Support Pants

10-6%e6%9d%b1%e3%83%acToray Industries, Inc. has developed functional pants, which provide appropriate support to the lumbar region just by wearing it. The pants are aimed at reducing load on the lower back region experienced by people working in half-sitting positions or those handling heavy loads in workplaces such as welfare facilities and factories.

The pants have a lumbar protective belt made of Toray nylon and Lycra fiber, and the lower back side of the pants has a portion that holds the belt using the same materials. When the pants are worn, the protection belt fits over the correct position, and does not slide up. It has a simple adjuster that can be easily loosened when not required.
Toray will expand monitoring trials at plants and welfare facilities with an intention of launching the product in the market within 2017.