Japan’s Textile Machinery Production & Exports Rise in Jan.-Sep. 2016

According to statistics compiled by the Japan Textile Machinery Association, the nation’s production and exports of textile machinery posted growths during January-September 2016.
January-September 2016 textile machinery production increased by 15.2% year-on-year to 146,648 million yen. Production sharply increased for spinning machinery (up 67.9% to 11,668 million yen), looms (up 19.7% to 36,110 million yen) and knitting machines (up 56.5% to 65,400 million yen).

Exports grew by 1.2% to 156,751 million yen. Exports decreased for fiber-making machinery (down 7.1% to 3,841 million yen) and weaving preparatory equipment (down 35.2% to 24,276 million yen), but increased for spinning machinery (up 28.2% to 10,331 million yen), looms (up 10.7% to 37,729 million yen), knitting machines (up 23.2% to 50,677 million yen) and dyeing & finishing machinery (up 11.7% to 6,137 million yen).